Job Opportunity at Dynatuners

We are looking for an organized, detail-orientated individual to assist our Project Manager. This individual will work directly with our Project Manager on supporting the project needs, managing task, monitoring workflow and solving
problems. The qualified candidate is comfortable with creating process and anticipating project outlines. They will work with managers and team members. A
background in IT and Business Studies is preferred. The assistant Project Manager helps with management duties and oversight task required.
• Updating and reporting on the schedule progress
• Scheduling meetings
• Recording meeting minutes
• Identifying resource requirements and gaps
• Monitoring project performance.
• Managing a subset of the project, such as a particular phase or deliverable, or any other project management duties that are routine, standardized, or low risk
• Assist in the maintenance the performance management and improvement systems
• Providing assistance with the formatting, publishing, recording, or sharing of reports and documents
Qualification: BBA / MBA
Experience: 1-2 Years
Salary: 40K-45K

Timing: 12PM to 9PM

Please apply at :

[email protected]

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