Hiring Resume Writer

Job Title: Resume Writer (Job Application Link: https://forms.gle/xH5JDQj597A8PhbR8)Minimum Requirements:– FLAWLESS English.– You must be living in Pakistan.– You must have your own laptop computer.– You must live in a major city.– Your internet connection must be at least 4MBPS.– You must be able to take feedback constructively.– You must be dedicated to meeting set deadlines.–  You must have experience working with American or international clients.– We’re only accepting full-time workers; working for any other companies or studying at university, even part-time, is a major violation of our contract.Salary:  80,000 – 140,000 PKR/month, including performance-based bonusesApplicants can view the Job Description by visiting this link:  https://forms.gle/xH5JDQj597A8PhbR8