Career counseling Office, UET Lahore organized a seminar on “Speak like a PRO”. Mr Amer Ali Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Success Coach was the guest speaker of the event. Prof.Dr. Asif Ali Qaiser, Director of Students Affairs, Career Counseling Officer Dr. Rabia Nazar, other faculty members and students attended the session. This interactive session was arranged to increase students understanding regarding how to prepare them professionally & effectively. Mr. Amer Ali while addressing the audience said, “The brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up and speak in public.” He also share the Secrets to Help You Speak Like a Pro like Maintaining calm , Believe that your audience wants you to succeed, Picture the audience as your strongest supporters, Warm up your body and voice, Concentrate on your audience and subject matter, Listen to the negative statement, then switch to a positive and repeat loud and clear, Produce words in your mouth not in your throat, Increase the clarity and effectiveness of your speech, Beware of ending statements with question or doubt, Make eye contact with everyone in the room and Simplicity in speech is an art. He also said Speak Up and WIN! Can help you to win maximum leadership, self-assurance, maximum wage, new respect, influence and status. In the end, Dr Rabia Nazar gave souvenir to Mr.Amer Ali.