U-Academy Future Fit Series! Launch and First Session Details


Unilever has always had a strong focus on lifelong and purposeful learning to ensure that our existing and upcoming talent stays future fit. To fulfill this agenda, our Talent & Organization team runs U-Academy where our experienced leadership deliver sessions on various priority skills and address any knowledge gaps that exist within the organization.

Unilever now extending the U-Academy externally for the upcoming talent pool i-e- our students body. Under the U-Academy, we have launched the Future Fit Series which will be weekly sessions delivered by the Unilever Talent. The sessions will be primarily on topics which will help the students to upskill, reskill and become employable. We will be starting off with our Recruitment Essentials Module where we will take the students through the various steps of the recruitment process with our weekly sessions.

Only from UET Lahore especially from 3rd and 4th year students who can benefit the most from these sessions. However, registrations will be open to everyone, as anyone who would like to learn is most welcome to register.


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