Lions Club International opens it’s  Leo Membership Drive 2020.

What is Leo?
LEO stands for Leadership Experience Opportunity

Leadership development, Every Leo member is encouraged, and has the opportunity to build their leadership skills and to serve in a variety of positions, both at club level and beyond. Membership in a leo club brings you more awareness of your community and provides you a chance to serve your community in a better way.

What you can get as a Leo Club Member?
• Leo International Membership Card
• Leo International Membership Certificate
• Leo Club Lapel pins ( International, Multiple District and District)
• Leo Club Swags
• Chance to Join a Network of around 2 millions Leo’s and Lions Members.
• Chance to attend national and international youth camps.
• Chance to attend International Conventions.
• Chance to attend Leadership training program
• Chance to get Internships
• Chance to meet with Industry professionals, trainers and Mentors.
(Our past events guests were Imran Khan, Ch Sarwar e.t.c)
• Chance to polish your Resume/CV

Click on below link to be a part of Leo Club