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SmartWrite helps US-based job seekers land their dream jobs. We engage with clients across all walks of life and industries, including IT, healthcare, construction, engineering, and science. Our team of qualified and experienced writers work diligently to produce high-caliber resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. This entails in-depth discussions with clients to understand and further their professional goals.

Our collaborative work culture is characterized by:
– High-engagement levels between teams and employees through a variety of engagement methods: virtual games, movie nights, and online lectures and discussions.
– Continuous Learning. We keep building our collective knowledge by conducting roundtables on a variety of topics from a broad-range of industries. Employees are encouraged to research and share information from their fields of interest and outside.
– Annual or biannual meetup (in-person and virtual) with all American and Pakistani employees; we usually have business case competitions and discuss our yearly goals
– Longevity. SmartWrite hired its first Pakistani employee in 2014. Our first three employees are still working with us today, though we have added more than 20 coworkers since then.
– Commitment to personal growth. We thrive on managing change through continuous learning and adaptation. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

We are looking to hire Resume Writers with strong English, a continuous learning attitude, and results-oriented mindset.

*** IMPORTANT: You must commit to working with us for at least one year after passing the training program. There will be a paid internship period to help you master specific aspects of the job. ***

OUR KEY STRENGTHS: Translating complex client goals into top-quality job seeker documents, a hunger for learning, high levels of adaptability, strong communications, taking calculated risks, a focus on collaboration, building transparent and long-term stakeholder relationships, and a strong goal-achievement orientation.

YOUR GOAL: To ease the job search of our American clients through the creation of high-quality content and strategic advice. Your first priority is to meet and/or exceed client expectations in terms of deadline and quality management. This is a full-time position. You will be working Mon-Fri, 8 hours/day, 40 hours/week.

It should be noted that these are the base responsibilities for the position. You may be asked to take on tasks that fall outside of the stated responsibilities. These tasks can be projects, initiatives, or actions necessary for the business’s growth and may fall under the purview of other departments (sales, marketing, finance, or HR) We will do our best to make sure that these tasks align with your interests/background.

– Interact with American clients on a daily basis; should have an easy-to-understand accent and complete knowledge of American culture and mannerisms. These interactions will be in the form of emails and online calls.
– Answer emails professionally and engage with clients; a strong customer orientation is necessary.
– Study resources and learning quickly. A passion for learning is necessary because you will have to stay up-to-date on industry trends and news.
– Write resumes, LinkedIn profile content, cover letters. Analyze job listings from a variety of industries.
– Identify and rectify procedural issues; create structured and data-based proposals.
– Communicate with the goal of creating comprehension and understanding towards internal and external customers.

– In 2018, we received *more than 400 applications*; only _three_ candidates were shortlisted.
**** A majority of applications are automatically rejected for being incomplete or having grammatical mistakes. ****
– Please read and answer each question carefully; we are highly selective about who we choose to work with and will be rejecting all carelessly filled out applications.

– FLAWLESS English.
– You must be living in Pakistan.
– You must have your own laptop computer.
– You must live in a major city.
– Your internet connection must be at least 4MBPS.
– You must be able to take feedback constructively.
– You must be dedicated to meeting set deadlines.
– We’re only accepting full-time workers; working for any other companies or studying at university, even part-time, is a major violation of our contract.

– Graduated from a top university in Pakistan.
– Broad academic background where you have studied in different fields e.g., you went from studying biology to computers to business administration.
– Previous experience in writing, editing, or customer service.
– Great grades in English classes; 85%+ score in English as a subject.

– Work-from-home
– Pick your working hours
– Salary: 53,000 – 90,000 PKR/month
– Health insurance and provident fund with employer match after one year.
– Average salary after one year = approx. 80,000 PKR/month
– Two months’ paid maternity/paternity leave
– 10-30 paid days off/year based on performance and seniority

Our Interviewing and Onboarding Process:
– If you are interested, please fill out this written interview form, which is designed to test your mastery of the English language. (You are here.)
– If we like your application, we’ll conduct a telephonic interview and go over whatever questions you have.
– Finally, we’ll begin your paid internship, which will last two weeks.
– You will undergo an additional month of paid training under a trainer before you take on live clients.

Here is the application link:

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